Sunday, May 24, 2009

Summer Officially Starts Tomorrow!

I can't believe that it is already summertime, and I couldn't be more ready for it!

Mr. P and I have enjoyed our weekend and we get a bonus day tomorrow. Yesterday, we went golfing in the morning, then we drove down to Bowling Green for dinner and shopping. We both got a new pair of running shoes. We've decided to train to run a 5K on July 4 at our local community festival, so we both needed a good pair of shoes.

Today, we attempted to have a cookout at our pond with our friends D and R and their boys, but the weather didn't cooperate. The sun was shining when we got started, but ominous storm clouds were approaching...

We only got to fish for about 15 minutes before the rain came and we had to relocate back at the house. However, we did manage to catch a couple of fish before we left. The boys each caught two fish and they were tickled! Here are a few pics, but the boys are in most of my pics and I didn't want to post their pictures on my public blog.

Sunny supervising the activities, as usual. Note the Vols chair, but the UK t-shirt. I'm the lone orange in a sea of blue around here!

The catfish that one of the boys caught. It was a big one!

Unfortunately, the rain came shortly after that, so we headed back to our house. We grilled the burgers and hot dogs on the deck, and they were yummy!

If the weather cooperates, we are going to a cookout on the lake tomorrow with some friends. I need to get up early in the morning and catch up on laundry before we leave. School has kept me so busy the last few weeks, and my house is driving me crazy. My girls are coming to clean on Tuesday-thank goodness!-so if I can get my laundry caught up too, then maybe things will feel like they are back to normal around here.

I hope that everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend!

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