Wednesday, May 23, 2012

5 Things I'm Into Right Now

Hello blogging world, I’ve missed you! I’m going to jump right back into the groove and start with a “5 Things I’m Into Right Now” post to catch you up on things.


I’ve been into this for quite a while now, but since I’m still into them I thought I’d put it on my list. I love playing around with the different combinations of bracelets each day. Most of mine right now are silver with a few gold pieces thrown in. I need to get some cute colorful ones for the summer. I saw some really cute and inexpensive ones at the new (huge!) F21 at Opry Mills.

Here’s a couple of recent “Bracelets of the Day”.

 (My arm looks huge in both of these pictures!)

 Like I said, I need to invest in some color!

Raspberry Iced Tea

I gave up soft drinks for Lent, and I went the entire time without one soft drink. Now I drink maybe 1 Diet Coke a day. I discovered raspberry iced tea when I was out at restaurants and looking for an alternative to Coke, but I make my own at home now.  1 glass of unsweetened tea, 1 packets of Splenda, and a dash of this:

DaVinci’s Sugar Free Raspberry Flavoring
Yum and 0 Calories!

Weight Watchers

So after trying to lose weight on my own, trying WW by myself and failing miserably at both, I have officially joined Weight Watchers. One of my good friends joined a couple of weeks before me, so we go to meetings together and support each other. So far I’ve lost 10 pounds-woo hoo! And the WW app for the iPhone? An absolute lifesaver-I don’t think I could do it without that little gadget.


Ok, I’ll admit it…Pinterest is one of the reasons why I neglect my blog sometimes. So much stuff on there! I’ve found so many good recipes, home decorating tips, organizing ideas, school stuff, clothes, the list goes on and on.

Summer Style

I’m so happy that it’s the season for summer shifts, madras, Bermuda shorts, sandals, and more!

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