Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Teacher Gifts

Whew, I'm tired tonight! Stayed up too late watching the Olympics last night and then I had to be up bright and early to go to Lexington for a training today. On the bright side, we got out early and I had some time to shop and run a few errands this afternoon before I came home.

This is the last week of summer program, and the girls’ last day will be Thursday. I picked up some little gifts for the teachers today, and the girls and I put them together tonight. 

 Post-it notes, Kleenex, and a pen in a matching design

I intended to make some cute tags on the computer, but then I saw these cute little paisley cards. Since I’m totally stressed out trying to get ready for school to start and still adjusting to being a working mom, I decided to go with the pre-made cards.

I also picked up these cute little thank you cards for the girls and I to work on tomorrow night. We have lots of cards to send out to generous friends and family!

A quick stop at Kroger was also on the agenda this afternoon. Have you tried these? My friend L introduced me to these on one of our camping trips this summer and I am totally hooked on them. So quick and easy-just pop them in the microwave for a couple of minutes and voila-a yummy side dish! Here are the some of the favorites at our house:

 Penne and Vegetables in Alfredo Sauce
 Roasted Red Potatoes in Chive Butter Sauce
 Sweet Corn  
Rotini and Vegetables in Garlic Butter Sauce
Rotini and Broccoli in Cheese Sauce
 Broccoli in Cheese Sauce

And for an added bonus, they are on sale at Kroger this week for $1.88!

I've been all over the place with this post, haven't I? I guess I'll chalk it up to being tired and watching Team USA at the same time. I promise to be more coherent next time!

Have a great night!


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Leslie said...

I love the little gifts you put together! Those Steamfresh sides sound great; I will have to check them out. :)