Saturday, August 18, 2012

First Days of School

With our first full week behind us, the new school year is well underway!  The first day of school is always exciting, and this year was even more exciting with the girls. We had gone shopping a couple of weeks earlier to pick our first day of school outfits.

Big A picked this outfit:
Girls Asymmetrical Ruffled Tees | Old Navy
Girls Double-Yoke Skinny Flared Jeans | Old Navy

Jeans and a ruffle top with these cute pink metallic boat shoes

While Little A picked this
Girls Licensed-Character Tiered Dresses

Hello Kitty Dress with these adorable Mary Janes 
SONOMA life + style Mary Janes

The Back to School Fairy also paid us a visit. She brought a bag of goodies, including a new hair bow for each of them.

Zebra hair bow for Big A, polka dotted for Little A. I took some really cute pictures of them on the first day, but unfortunately they can't be published. : (

It’s been different but we are settled into our morning and evening routines. It’s actually kind of fun after all these years to be checking homework, signing papers, and checking agendas.

How has your life been?



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Heather said...

Oh my word, those little boat shoes are the cutest thing ever! Hope back to school goes well!