Friday, October 11, 2013

Fall Break

We’ve been on fall break this week and it has been wonderful. I think that I received about 8 emails total this week, and most of them were junk emails or mass emails that I didn’t have to act on. Heavenly! Thanks to Mr. P being on a big project right now, we were unable to go on a trip like we had planned, but the girls and I enjoyed a stay-cation nonetheless.

On Monday, the girls had a doctor’s appointment, so we were up and on the road bright and early. After leaving the doctor’s office, we ran a few errands and then came home for the rest of the day. The girls relaxed and played while I did some things around the house.

On Tuesday, I took the girls for their first-ever manicure, then we went out to lunch and did a little shopping. I stopped in at a local store called Caught Ya Lookin’. I had heard of this store, but I had never stopped in to see what they had. Little did I know how cute it was…and turned out that the owner and her daughter are people I know. I hadn’t seen her in years, but it was great catching up with Rose and seeing the shop.  I was at the Leitchfield store, but they also have a Lexington store too. All of the items are so adorable, and I’m thinking this is where the girls Christmas dresses will come from. They are also featured on Zulily . The girls each picked out a bow, and what cute bows they chose! 

Here is Big A’s bow-the owl clips off to wear separately or attach to another bow.

Little A chose this bow, and the ladybug also clips off to be worn differently too. 

After we got home from out mani/shopping/lunch expedition, the girls went over to play with their cousins at my mother in law’s house, and I did a little shopping on my own. I picked up a few items for myself, including two cute dresses at Gap. I’ll do a separate post for them, along with my birthday goodies from last weekend.

On Wednesday my cleaning girls were coming, so we had to vacate the house by 8 a.m. We went to school for a little while so I could take care of a few things, then we met my friend R and her three boys at the park to eat lunch and play on the playground.  The girls love playing with R’s boys, and I enjoyed holding and playing with R’s seventh month old daughter. She is such a cutie!

Yesterday, we met my mom in Bowling Green for a girls day out. The girls proudly showed off their manicures to “Granny” and we all enjoyed lunch at Chuy’s, followed by some shopping.  We ended the day by stopping by Riley’s Bakery for some goodies. The girls each picked out a treat (brownie for one, iced sugar cookie for the other) and I picked up some of their famous bite-sized tea cookies. The girls also chose a treat to take home to Mr. P, a strawberry cupcake. 

Today was a pretty low-key day for us; we stayed home all day. The girls played in their rooms and in the playroom all day (and got along pretty well all day too!) and I did some things around the house. Mr. P finally got off work early, so we all went out to dinner tonight. We just got the girls to bed and now we are settled in with some coffee, ready to watch Hawaii Five-O and Blue Bloods.

Have to end my post with this little surprise I received today-

Sunday was my birthday but the weather was yucky and I didn’t feel well, so overall it wasn’t one of my best birthdays. That, coupled with the fact that I was disappointed that Mr. P had to work and we didn’t get to go on a trip for Fall Break put me in a little funk all week. I’ve also been battling a horrendous migraine this week too, so I haven’t exactly been in the best of moods. Mr. P sent me these with a sweet note about how sorry he was that we had a rough week. So sweet!

Tomorrow is a busy day for us-soccer in the morning, followed by our church fall festival, then tomorrow night is our annual church hayride and bonfire, hosted by us and my in-laws. Busy, busy!

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Rachael SparkFire said...

Just followed your blog, everything is adorable and colorful! Thank you for sharing your life in color! So glad to meet you and can't wait to get to know you!