Sunday, November 30, 2008

Holiday Recap

Well, it's nice to finally be back in the blogging world-I have missed it! I hope that everyone had a good Thanksgiving. It's been a crazy week for us, but things seem like they are finally settling down, of course Christmas is just around the corner, so I'm sure it won't be quiet around here for long. Let me give you a recap of everything.

Father-in-law-My father-in-law is doing much better, in fact, he was able to come home today. Thankfully, it was his gallbladder, along with some kidney stones that had given him an infection. He had his gallbladder taken out yesterday, and his infection is getting better. We were so worried that it was going to be something more serious, so we are quite relieved.

Thanksgiving-Our usual plans for Thanksgiving are to go to Tennessee on Thursday, have dinner with my family, spend the night, and come back on Friday afternoon to have dinner at my in-laws house with Mr. P's parents, his sister, and her family. Of course, the whole dinner with the in-laws was out, but Mr. P and I did go down to Tennessee and eat with my family, but we drove back Thursday night instead of staying overnight. I enjoyed seeing my family, and Mom's cooking was wonderful, as always. In addition to turkey and dressing, we had green beans, corn, dumplings, mashed potatoes (can you say carb-fest??), cranberry salad w/poppyseed dressing, broccoli casserole, rolls, and ginger tea. Not to mention all of the desserts! Mom packed up a lot of leftovers and sent them back with us, so we have eaten well all weekend. I wish we could have spent more time with my family, but both of us wanted to get back to check on Mr. P's dad.

Christmas-Can you believe the Christmas season is finally here?? Even though I haven't had time to finish my decorating, I'm already getting in the spirit. Last night, I was in the community parade for the school. It's a night parade, with lights on the floats. It was cold, but that kind of made it fun. There were lots of kids from the school along the parade route, so it was fun to wave and throw candy at them.

Back to school tomorrow...I could really use another day off, but since I've had 5 straight days, I really don't need to complain do I? I'll get back to my regular posting this week...I have some recipes and some purchases that I need to post pictures of, so I have lots of topics to cover.

The weather forecast is calling for light snow/sleet overnight and through tomorrow. Is it too much to hope for a snow day? Oh, the things I could do if I had a snow day! Mr. P says the roads are too warm...he can be such a party pooper sometimes : )


Preppy 101 said...

Glad that Dad is okay! I know what you mean about wanting 'onemoreday'. I used to say that all the time when I taught and my friends with non-teaching jobs would look at me like they could strangle me :)

lisagh said...

Happy to hear that your FIL is doing better!

Here's to the joys of the Christmas season.

Mona said...

It's good to hear your FIL is on the mend!

Looking forward to your holiday photos!