Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hello, stranger! (actually, you should be saying that to me, right?)

Hello, hello dear blogger/readers! I have been so neglectful of my blog lately and I do apologize. School has been extremely busy lately, but that's not my only excuse...I've been Facebooking and I have caught up with so many old friends from elementary school, high school, and college. Oh my, it is addictive!

I hope that everyone is having a nice weekend. It is cold, cold, cold here!

Mr. P and I enjoyed a wonderful dinner out last night. We've been so busy that it had been awhile since the two of us went out and enjoyed a nice dinner together. It just seems like we get home from work (usually late), fix something quick for dinner, watch a little tv, then go to bed and start the whole routine over again the next day. We ate here and I had one of my favorites, a Kentucky hot brown. This restaurant has the second-best hot brown in the state, with the best one being at the Brown Hotel, where the sandwich originated. We also brought home dessert, which for me was a piece of Kentucky pie. I will be logging extra time on Wii Fit for it because it is definitely not healthy food! But honestly, I enjoyed the quiet time with Mr. P more so than the good food. I'm mulling over a big personal decision right now, and this gave us a chance to weigh the pros and cons and have a long conversation about it.

I never posted a Christmas recap, so I'll post pics of gifts and such from time to time. Here are a few recent purchases or gifts.

I found these pink and white polka dotted flannel pajama pants when I was Christmas shopping. They have the cutest navy blue owls embroidered on them, and I immediately thought of The Pink Owl. And even though I was supposed to be shopping for others, I couldn't resist them. Besides, they were on sale and only $9.99. That was justifiable, right?

One of my cute Christmas gifts...

It has a cute little grosgrain ribbon to tie at the waist. I realized that it was a sad little bow that I had tied after the picture.

This is one of my favorite Christmas gifts from Mr. P. We've recently begun attending Sunday school (for more details see this post), and I have been wanting a student bible. This was one of the gifts that Mr. P gave me and I thought it was such a sweet, thoughtful gift.

I see a monogram in the future for the bible cover, don't you?

I also have a new cute sweatshirt for school that I really want to post a picture of, but I need to blur out some of the letters to keep my anonymity of where I work. Does anyone know how to do that? I have tried and tried and I can't figure out how to blur part of a picture. Any experts on that out there?

I had dinner with my friend Lori B the other night. She is one of the two friends in real life that reads my blog, and she playfully fussed at me for not posting lately. So Lori, I'm expecting a comment on this post! Hee hee! Lori is also thinking about starting a blog; I think she should, don't you?

Mr. P and I are on a quest to lose weight and be healthy, so expect a few posts here and there about my progress. One of my strategies is the Wii Fit, and anyone who has a Wii Fit knows about the body test you must take when you start. Well part of the body test is a balance test, and when I took the balance test, here is the message I got:

I am constantly tripping on things, and I have more than one embarrassing story involving me somehow managing not to stay vertical, so this message was absolutely hilarious to Mr. P and I.

Well, we are off to check out the newly-opened Sam's Club in town, and I'm going to try to coax a trip to Target out of Mr. P too. Tonight, we are going over to D and R's house for dinner and games (Wii, cards, and/or board games).

Have a great weekend everyone!



Monogrammed Teacher said...

I was wondering where you have been!! Glad you are back! I will have to find you on FB!!

Preppy 101 said...

Good to hear from you!! Looks like Christmas was a good one for you! Love those pj's!!

Lori B said...

I like the pj's-too cute. Also, glad to see you finally posted. Us out here in blogland worry....ha! BTW, everytime I think of your story with the WII MII, I crack up. I don't have the nerve to enter my info in public, so I won't get to see my MII. Christy finally got a replacement WII yesterday at Best Buy.

The Pink Tutu said...

Hi there, came across your blog and wanted to say hello. I love the name of your blog! I work in the golf industry so it made me smile :)