Saturday, March 5, 2011


Once again, excuse the different fonts and stuff. I don't know why it won't save the fonts that I set. Any suggestions???

Well, hello! I’ll bet you thought I had forgotten about my little blog! Never fear, I haven’t forgotten the wonderful world of blogging, I have just been
very, very busy!

Let’s see…on my last post I promised some shopping finds from my shopping day with my SIL. So here we go with that…

Met my SIL in Bowling Green for lunch and shopping a couple of weeks ago. We have a family wedding in May, and Easter will be here before we know it so we were mainly looking at dresses for those occasions. Macy's had a huge selection of dresses, as always. I didn’t purchase anything, but I found several possibilities.

I found this dress in a lovely shade of light green:

London Times Rosette Cocktail Dress $109

I also like this dress. For some reason, I am drawn to the green dresses right now!

London Times Sleeveless Cocktail Dress $89.00

I also found this gray dress. The wedding is in Denver, so I would probably wear a cardigan or shrug over it since it is sleeveless. I love the dress, but since it will be spring I think I would rather have a dress in a spring color. Then again, this gray dress is so versatile and can be worn almost all year. Decisions, decisions….

Calvin Klein Sleeveless Vertical Pleats Dress with Belt $99

Right now, I'm leaning towards purchasing the gray dress for Easter and giving it some color with accessories and purchasing the green dress with the bow for the wedding. What are your thoughts?

While we were shopping, we popped into Old Navy. Basically we were looking for workout/weekend comfy clothes but we discovered their huge selection of spring scarves. So many colors and patterns! I could have bought at least 7 or 8 of them, but I restrained myself and only bought 2. Choosing two of them was so hard, but this is what I settled on:

It's hard to see in the picture, but the top scarf is a really cute floral print and the green scarf has white polka dots. I wore the floral scarf one day with a white long sleeve tee and dark denim trousers. I wore the green one with a black cardigan and black pants one day. It was the perfect accessory for Green Eggs and Ham Day at school! Of course, I'm also planning on pairing the green scarf with a pink sweater-maybe for St. Patrick's Day. At only $12, I can afford to go back and buy some more!

It's a rainy weekend here. We enjoyed a quiet dinner out last night, which was very nice. Mr. P had a training out of town this week, and he had been driving about 4 hours a day going back and forth from it. The drive, coupled with him studying at night had caused us to not see much of each other this week. We had been invited out with friends, but we turned them down (which we rarely do!) so that we could spend some time together. Today, we are just doing things around the house and catching up on work things. Tomorrow is the Kentucky-Tennessee game, so we will be a divided household! Go Vols!


Leslie said...

Welcome back to blogland! I love the scarves you picked up; I bought the green polka-dotted one too. :) It looks like you have some good options for the wedding!

Tammy B said...

I like those dresses. I may have to hit Macy's and look at their dresses. There is one on my way home from work, but I never think to stop. Love the Macy's at Green Hills in Nashville. I like those scarves also. You done good. (I know, bad grammar)

-Lucky Mommy- said...

Looks like we will have a divided house tomorrow as well. Go VOLS!

The Preppy Princess said...

Oh goodly, it is so fun to see a post! I wish I could help with the font issues, I am the worst with technology, seriously.

The dresses are darling, especially the last one with those pleats, I love it. And the scarves are also pretty, you know me, bright colors make me smile. :)

Hope your Friday is fab and your weekend even better Miss Pink Putter!