Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Home Sweet Home and Shopping Recap

Well, I’m home sweet home now and I couldn’t be happier. I love traveling (short trips like this one and longer ones like my trip to Denver in May) but I also love the feeling of coming home too. I was later getting home that I thought I would be and when I finally got here, Mr. P had already grilled burgers and had dinner ready by the time I unpacked my bags and changed clothes. I am too spoiled sometimes! : )

As I mentioned last week, I went on a marathon shopping trip with some friends a couple of weeks ago. I attempted to make a Polyvore post about my finds and ended up accidentally posting a halfway done Polyvore collection-blog fail!! I’ve given up on that and I’m just posting them normally! Here they are:

JCrew Embroidered Critter Flip Flops $10

Gap Khaki Shorts $12

Ann Taylor Loft Cropped Denim Trousers-$14

(excuse the tiny pic)

Hit pay dirt at the Izod store-all women’s polos were around $10. Found the cutest golf skirt for $20 but they didn’t have my size-boo! Went one size up and it was too big, one size down was too snug. I was so disappointed! But I found these things for me and Mr. P.

Sleeveless Green Polo-$10

Pink Shirt-$10

Men’s Dri-Weave Golf Shirt-$20

They also had tons of cute plaid Bermuda shorts with matching polos for between $10-$15. I could have bought several of each!

Also found some great things at the Nike store.

Nike Sleeveless Dri-Weave Golf Shirt $16.99

Nike Women’s No-Show Socks-Pink, Blue, and Black Swoosh (3-pack) $7.99

Also got Mr. P some Nike One golf balls and a new golf towel. I was also shopping for new golf shoes because mine were absolutely worn out. I had no luck on my shopping day, but Mr. P and I found these a few days later at a sports store here in town. They are cute and comfortable-perfect!

Yes, golf seemed to be the theme of the trip but we were playing in our first tournament of the year that weekend and I hadn't had time to pick up any of the things we needed. The shopping trip came at just the right time!

Next up-a recap of my trip to Lexington!

ETA: What is up with all the funky fonts in Blogger??? I've edited this several times and it looks normal under "compose" but when I preview or post, the different fonts and sizes show up!! Any help or tips out there????

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