Thursday, July 7, 2011

Family Update

Thanks to everyone for your prayers for my family. Everyone is improving slowly each day, and so far no one has had any setbacks. One cousin has been released from the hospital, and my other cousin and my uncle should be transferred to a rehabilitation hospital by the end of this week. They all have a long road ahead of them, but should all recover in due time.

In addition to staying in close touch with my family, we've been busy with work and at church with VBS. Mr. P is on a new project, so he's putting in longer hours and it's t-minus one month until school starts for me, so things are getting busy again at school. 

Has anyone else been following Will and Kate's North American tour? I certainly have! I've really enjoyed seeing all the reports about their different activities and of course I love, love, love seeing what Kate is wearing. The blog What Kate Wore always has great pictures the royal couple and details about her outfits. 

That's about all the news there is to report from the Putter house. I promise a more interesting post soon! : )

Have a great day!


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