Monday, September 15, 2008

Hurricane Ike blows through Kentucky??

Well, we had quite a day in Kentucky yesterday. We had a severe windstorm that blew through the state. Now we are used to high wind in Kentucky, heaven knows we have enough severe storms and tornadoes throughout the year. But yesterday's weather was unlike anything I have ever seen. It was pure wind, with no rain. I think that we were on the outskirts of what was left of the hurricane, but parts of the state look like we acutally had a hurricane. There are trees and power lines down everywhere, roofs blown off of houses, and debris everywhere. Many schools systems and businesses are closed today, including my school.

It was pretty windy when we got up yesterday, but nothing that I really thought was anything major. When we came out of church, the wind had bigger gusts than when we had gone into church. We got home to discover that the wind had blown our wrought iron patio furniture all over the deck. Thank goodness I had gone out in the morning and moved the rocking chairs on our front porch, because if they had blown around, they would have gone through a big picture window in our great room. I was out on the porch later in the afternoon when a huge gust of wind blew up. There was dirt and debris flying everywhere. I couldn't get to the door, so I just sat down on the step and put my head between my knees until the wind died down. It was kind of scary! Our house didn't have any damage, but I feel so badly for the people who have no electricity and phone, or who have trees on their houses.

Mother Nature never ceases to amaze me. We followed the hurricane coverage over the weekend, and I felt so badly for the people in Texas who lost everything. I never dreamed that Ike would come this far north and wreak such havoc up here!


LyndsAU said...

It is so sad what happened in Texas. I am glad yall made it through the wind storm ok. Any kind of bad weather is scary. I don't think we over here in GA are going to get anything bad! Thanks goodness.

Caffeine Court said...

It's amazing how powerful these storms can be! I'm glad the damage at your house wasn't too bad. Those people in Texas have quite a mess to clean up.

I really feel for them.

Monogrammed Teacher said...

Im glad you are ok and Im glad you invited me to read your blog! Its fun to read fellow educators dealings! Happy Monday!