Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Okay, so I have totally neglected my blog...

and I have missed my blogging friends so much!

Last week was terribly busy-I had meetings after school every night, and when you add my hour's commute into the equation, equals no blogging time! I had every intention of catching up over the weekend, but that didn't happen either. A few random thoughts to catch everyone up with what I've been doing, and then I'm off to read everyone else's blogs because I have missed them so much!

This is our last week before Fall Break (yeah!) so school is busy. Everyone is ready for this week to be over so that we can enjoy a week off.

We are leaving for a quick trip to the Smoky Mountains on Saturday. We have rented a cabin in Gatlinburg with two other families for Saturday and Sunday. I am so ready for this trip! My parents have a vacation place in nearby Townsend, so we will be spending time with them also. My birthday is on Monday, so we will be celebrating that too.

More deer sightings tonight. Mr. P and I had both had a long day and were semi-grumpy, but after watching them frolic in our backyard, it put us both in a considerably better mood : )

The giveaway from Monogrammed Teacher came in the mail yesterday and it is adorable! I will post pictures soon.

Okay, I'm off to upload pictures and check out other blogs. Have a great night everyone!

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Mona said...

Happy Birthday!