Friday, July 25, 2008

So here I go...

My first post and I have no idea what to say, how's that for a great start to a blog? I've been reading blogs all summer and finally decided to strike out on my own. If I am half as entertaining as the blogs I've been reading this summer, then I will consider this a success.

My main goal is to write about my day and hope that someone out there finds it remotely interesting! I may share this with a few of my close friends, particularly the one that got me turned onto blogs in the first place (Thanks, LB!), but other than that I am going to keep it quiet from friends and family, at least until I get a feel for blogs and how all this works.

A few quick facts about myself-I am in my thirties, happily married to a great guy, and I am a school administrator. We have no kids, but hope to have a few sometime in the future. We enjoy golfing together and I love the color pink, which is how the name Pink Putter was born.

Well, I'm off to the golf course with Mr. Pink, who will probably be known as Mr. P from here on out.

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Rph Mommy said...

It's addictive! Just wait. You'll love it.