Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ready or not, here they come!

The halls are shining, the classrooms are sparkling, the teachers are ready. By 7:15 tomorrow morning our school will be filled with bright shining faces. I love the first day of school-the anticipation, the excitement, all the thoughts of the new year and the activities to come. Not to mention all the new school supplies (see my 5 Things I'm Into Right Now post). I went into my office a couple of days ago and it was like Christmas-a box full of post-its, file folders, tape, pens, pencils, and much more. I was a happy camper!

Tomorrow will be busy to say the least...lots of parents coming to school and calling to check on their little ones. And the huge task of making sure that they all get on the correct bus at the end of the day and get safely home.

Good luck to any others out there who are starting school soon!

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Anonymous said...

So you guys get as excited as us parents do, huh? I mean, we are excited to drop off our kids, of course;) Nahh, just kidding...this is a bitter sweet time for me, I am partially dreading it, I have gotten used to having them home, and OUR time, but also have missed my teacher & staff friends at school! I volunteer tons at my sons school!

We start NEXT week, although I will be at school tomorrow at 7:45 with bagels & cream cheese for our teachers:)