Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Football season starts this weekend! Being a Tennessee girl, I'm all for my Volunteers. However, I'm married to a man who bleeds blue, so I also root for UK unless they are playing my Vols. All of our friends are UK fans, so we go to games and tailgate with them. This weekend is the big Kentucky rivalry-Kentucky vs. Louisville. The game is on Sunday, so I'll be rooting for Kentucky alongside Mr. P. Go Cats! I'm not sure where we'll be watching the game. Normally, we invite people over for big games, but we are having our annual Labor Day cookout on Monday, so we won't have people over on Sunday too. We may just end up watching the game at home while I'm getting things ready for the cookout. Tennessee will be playing UCLA on Monday, so I'll try to catch the game during the cookout.

Anyone else have a big game coming up this weekend? Will you be tailgating?


Jesslee said...

I just found your blog through clemsongirl and the coach, enjoyed reading. I will also be watching the UK vs Uof L game tomorrow, but I have to admit I'm a Cards fan (don't hold it against me) I lived in Lexington for 2 years and just moved to Kansas City. When I lived in Ky I taught at the high school level at several schools. I know how hard some days can be, but I also know how much I was able to truly help some of the students and that is was kept me going back day after day. -J.

the pink putter said...

Well, I guess I won't hold it against you that you are a Cards fan : ) May the best team win!

Which high school in Lexington did you teach at? I had a friend who did her student teaching at Tates Creek.