Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More Snow

Honestly, this seems like the never-ending winter! We tend to get a fair amount of snow in my area, but this winter has been one for the record books. Generally we get 2-3 “good” snows with maybe a few minor snows, which works out to about 5-10 snow days a year. One year we didn’t even get a snow day until February. Tomorrow will be snow day #12, and it’s not even the end of January. I see my summer slowly slipping away…

Miss Sunny kept me busy going in and out all day. She loves to play in the snow, but she also loves curling up on her big pillow in the warm basement. One time when I let her out, she came up on the deck (probably looking for a hot dog) and peeked in the door. Isn’t this the cutest face? Those sad eyes can just make a heart melt…and she knows it!

But don’t let the sad eyes fool you-this is what she looked like about 2 minutes after I took the picture.

Warm and snug on her pillow-and I am listening to her snore as I write this!

I have to say that today’s snow was the prettiest snow that we’ve had this year-big, fat flakes that clung to the trees and bushes. But I'd still rather be wearing this:

Summer Madras

And yes, I wouldn't be wearing this exact outfit to play golf, but I couldn't resist adding a set of clubs. I'm starting to get that golf fever already!

Hope that you are staying warm wherever you are!


LuvRedandWhite said...

I agree about the snow! Those of us who teach HATE it because we have to somehow make up the days missed! Give me warm weather pleeeeease :)

Happy Thursday, sweetie!

Leslie said...

I love that skirt! We have a snow day too. I'm thankful for the break, but dreading making the days up/extending our school day. :(