Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day!

Another snow day here in my neck of the woods. This will make #6 for this year. As much as I love a cozy day at home, I see my summer slipping farther and farther away…

The picture above is the view outside my kitchen door. I was sitting at the bar eating a bowl of soup for lunch and noticed how pretty the falling snow looked outside. So like a good little blogger, I grabbed my camera and snapped a shot. My little snowman sign looks cute in the picture too.

I’ve spent the day doing schoolwork and a little bit of housework. I love having a day just to putter around in the house. So I’ve alternated between doing some paperwork for school and working in the house.

I was perusing the guide on tv, trying to find something to play in the background while I worked, and found one of my favorite movies playing-Shag! Oh how I love that movie! But it also made me long for summer. Shifts, sandals, and madras shorts seem awfully far away as I watch the snow fall.

Stay warm if you are having the same kind of weather as me!


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