Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Think Pink

Another snow day! I'm relaxing over coffee and waiting for the roads to clear up a little bit before I start my trek to school. Yesterday was an exciting day, thanks once again to the winter weather. I had a meeting about 1 1/2 hours from school. It was snowing a little when I left home, but the weatherman had said that it wouldn't get bad until the evening hours, so no worries, right? Wrong! Sitting in the meeting, I could see the snow falling out the window and the roads getting white so I started to worry. Then I get word that school is dismissing early. Great-it's always a madhouse with early dismissal and here I was far away from school. I was with several other administrators from the district, so we made the decision to leave the meeting and head back to our respective schools. Keep in mind that I am pretty far away from school and it was all country roads to get back. The roads weren't in the best conditions at that point either. We all followed each other back (which made me feel better) until we had to split up to get to our schools. Got back to school in time to load the buses and then waited until all students had been delivered safely home. Then I got to battle the roads once again to get home. Thankfully, I made it home safely, albeit a little tired from my adventurous day!

So we're in the month of all things pink and red, so I thought I'd do a pink post. Hopefully a red post will soon follow! We tend to keep Valentine's Day somewhat low-key-no big presents and I usually cook at home on Valentine's Day because the restaurants around here get so terribly crowded. I'm pretty content with a sweet card and some flowers. Mr. P was very generous on my birthday and at Christmas, so he'd better not go overboard on Valentine's Day. Sometimes he spoils me too much! I do usually plan a special dinner for Valentine's so I'm trying to think of something different. Any suggestions??

Played around on Polyvore (again!) this morning and came up with this little pink collection...

Think Pink

Jack Rogers Palm Beach Sandals-$82

Lilly Eryn Dress Stripe-$298

Philosophy Amazing Grace Hand Cream-$15

Pink Bow Front Top-$60-oasis-stores.com

Buffalo Check Folding Umbrella-$125-barneys.com

Fossil Riley Pink Silicone Multifunction Watch-$95 fossil.com

Love Replica in Pink-$65-abchome.com

MAC Pink Friday Lipstick

Ethos Giant Cup and Saucer Planter/Fruit Bowl

Pink and Silver Dove Milk Chocolate

JoJo Designs Pink and Brown French Toile Throw Pillow-$18 studentmarket.com


Kalyn said...

Adorable! I love Philosophy products! Any excuse to wear pink!

-Lucky Mommy- said...

Loving your blog!! We sure do have so much in common! Hope you're having a great week :)