Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Back Home

Quick post tonight-I got home yesterday afternoon and spent the evening getting the house ready for my house cleaners to come today. Does anyone else do this? Mr. P can't understand why I have to clean the house before they come each month. But I'm telling you, we were so busy this month, I simply could not keep up with the clutter control and I'm usually pretty picky about that. I would have been so embarrassed if they had seen my house before I got it ready for them!

Back at school today with lots of things to catch up on. I worked late and rode home with Mr. P because he worked late too. So that means I'll be at school early in the morning, and I'll hopefully get home earlier tomorrow afternoon.

Working late=takeout tonight. We picked up pasta on the way home, and there is enough left over for tomorrow night. No cooking and very little clean up 2 nights in a row-yeah!

The secretary from the school I used to teach at emailed me today. Her son and her best friend's daughter were in my class when I taught 3rd grade, and they were in my class again the year that I moved up to 5th grade. Both were great kids and I loved having them in class both years. They are now sophomores in high school (yikes, I'm gettin' old!) and they are going on a retreat for teens/young adults this weekend with their church. Part of the experience is receiving letters from friends and family, and she asked me if I would be interested in writing a letter for each of them. I was so touched that she thought of me, and I'm so glad to be able to tell them what great kids they are and how proud I am of them. I participated in a similar retreat program in high school and I remember receiving letters from my parents and other family and friends-it was a special experience.

Unfortunately, riding with Mr. P means that I have to be up by 4:45 in the morning, so I'm signing off and going to bed! Sorry for the random, boring thoughts tonight-I promise to write a more exciting entry tomorrow!

Have a great night!


Pharmacist Erin said...

Gotta love some leftovers. We made a huge batch of manicotti that we've eaten on for 3 days. It makes the day so much better when meals aren't thought-provoking. I don't envy that 4:45 alarm clock wake-up!!

Preppy 101 said...

I don't have a housekeeper now because the children are grown and gone, but when I had one, I used to do the exact same thing. I would work like crazy to straighten, etc. before she came. I understand what you mean!

Surf Girl said...

We had leftovers tonight...I love leftover night! Cooking used to be one of my hobbies, but now that I'm working later and have a little one, it just isn't as fun anymore. Also, I know lots of people that clean before the housekeeper comes! We don't have a housekeeper but my husband thinks it's too funny that I have to super clean the house before we go out of town. I hate coming home to a dirty house!

the pink putter said...

I love to cook too, but it just stresses me out now. I'm going to try to cook a few dishes this weekend and freeze them. We are spending far too much money on take-out right now.

I'm the same way about having the house clean before we leave town. I was so stressed on Monday because I didn't have time to clean and I knew I would be coming home to a cluttered house on Tuesday.