Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Lovely Relaxing Day

Today was one of those days that I have very few of...a day with absolutely nothing to do. Of course I found plenty of things to do around here, but I never left the house. It was wonderful. I slept in, well if you can call it that. I slept until 7:30, but when you normally get up no later than 5:00, it's a luxury to sleep until 7:30. I relaxed over coffee while I caught up with some shows that I had on the DVR. I caught up on all of my blogs, discovered several new blogs, and watched the Sex and the City movie at the same time. I did do some housework (but not much!), read the October issue of Southern Living, and made a pot of chili for dinner. I also made the queso dip recipe from the Pepper Palace. It was so simple, yet it was delicious. 6 ounces of cream cheese, 8 ounces of Velveeta, and 1 tablespoon of this:

So yummy! I also used this seasoning in the chili and it really added some great flavor.

Since I didn't do anything very blog-worthy today, I'll show pics of what I bought when K and I were shopping yesterday. We went to the mall and hit Old Navy, Macy's, Forever 21, Victoria's Secret, Steve and Barry's, It's Sew You, and The Gap, before heading over to TJ Maxx. Mr. P and I have been trying to be more frugal lately, so I've had myself on a shopping freeze except for necessities. But with birthday money in my pocket, I was ready to buy! However, can you believe I only bought a few hair accessories? What is wrong with me? Have I involuntarily put myself on a permanent shopping freeze? Oh, say it isn't so! Actually, I think that K and I were so busy chatting and catching up on things that I didn't really focus on my shopping. We mainly just wandered around and talked. Let's hope that's the case anyway-a life without shopping sounds awfully sad to me.

Now I don't usually go into Forever 21. I guess I figure that I'm too far from 21 to ever think of myself as "forever 21"-hee hee. K wanted to go in, so I went with her and I was pleasantly surprised to find some really cute hair accessories at great prices. Here are my finds:

A two-pack of headbands-one plain black and one black and white plaid for $2.80. K picked out a similar pack, but one of her headbands was an animal print.

Another two-pack of headbands-two black headbands with a small bow for $1.50. Since they were both exactly alike, K and I split the pack.

A four-pack of hair clips for $1.80. Aren't the polka-dotted ones cute? So that's six headbands and four hair clips for less than $10.00. What a bargain! They had some other headbands with larger bows and feathers that would be great if you are going for a Blair Waldorf look. They were cute too.

Believe it or not, I have nothing scheduled for tomorrow either, but I do think I'll venture out of the house. My friend Lori B is working at a little boutique tomorrow, so I think I'll go visit her at the store. If there's a store that will convince me to get back in the shopping habit, it's the one she works at. They have such cute stuff in there.
I'll let ya know tomorrow if my shopping gene kicks back in!


Monogrammed Teacher said...

Im jealous! I want a relaxing day! Your niece is adorable!

Pharmacist Erin said...

You went to all those places and spent less than $10?! That's serious self-control!! Wow!

Shelley said...

aw thanks!! i just moved to Nashville in March so I'm really enjoying it! :) could enjoy it more if i didn't have 2 jobs, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do! i have a cousin that lives in e-town!

Tickled Pink And Green said...

Great finds!

A Belle and her Beau said...

love, love, love hair accessories! I always buy them but never wear them. Typical :)

Surf Girl said...

I am so jealous!! I don't know what I would do at home alone. I'd probably never get out of bed! Glad you had such a great day - and what cute shopping finds!

Preppy 101 said...

Nice to have those days every now and then!!

Lori said...

I LOVE the purchases and I sure do hope that it's not a total loss of the shopping gene. :) That would be a very sad day.

We are SHOCKED the toy has lasted this long.. normally they last about two days at the most. Especially stuffed toys. I think this piece is just too small to destroy anymore. And yes, Big Dog LOVES to shake her head with toys. It's actually quite funny to watch!

A.D. said...

Hi...thanks for visiting my blog! I love your blog is too cute!
I'm having one of those relaxing days today...they are very hard to come by around here! I "slept in" today too...I didn't have to get up until 8:00 a.m. (much better than my usual 6:00 a.m.)!